Soccer Tournaments in the Greater Charlotte Region

Invitations to local tournaments are sent via email to registered USSF Referees through their account on ArbiterSports about six weeks prior to the tournament date. All USSF referees registered for 2015 are eligible Grade 08 or higher. Read the invitation instructions carefuly and fully.
The Invitation is to apply -- not all referees who apply are accepted! Who is accepted is determined by the number and quality of the teams, the number of playing venues, and the skills and experience of the referees applying.  

In ArbiterSports, on the correct line in your Profile, Information, Custom Fields page, place one code only from the drop down list for that weekend. Make sure you are signing up for the correct and desired tournament. Don't forget to SAVE.

You must also write the assignor if you are requesting housing. in addition to putting in the correct code in Arbiter ending in 'H'. 

If you sign up and are accepted and then are unable to attend, you must write both assignors immediately and remove the tournament code from your ArbiterSports Custom Fields tournament line.

November 8-9, 2014
FCCA Fall Classic
Code:       FCCA4        No Housing
Code:       FCCA4H      Need Housing
November 15-16, 2014
CUFC Under Armour Cup
Code:     CUUAT4          No Housing
Code:     CUUAT4H        Need Housing